RadoArt Gallery had an exciting 2018, apart from other several art fairs in the Netherlands and a few group exhibitions, gallery joined Affordable Art Fair in London Battersea and for the first time represented its artists in South East Asia at the AAF Singapore. RadoArt Gallery is a Nomad Gallery established in 2004 by the founder Sigitas Sasnauskas. In 2014 galleries HQ re-located from Lithuania to London providing more opportunities and collaborations for the artists the gallery represents.  RadoArt Gallery and some of its artists been a proud member of AAF community since 2008. The gallery represents successful and well-established artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Chezh Republic, Ukraine,  Netherlands, Spain. Majority of artworks in galleries catalog are abstracts which allow viewers to immerse, interpret and discover the hidden world of the paintings with freedom and creativity. 

New in the gallery

Red Venus 100×70 2018 oil on canvas  By Larisa Strunova – Lubke

From the cycle Far & Away 100×100 acrylic on canvas By Audrius Grazys


Sandy abstract 100×100 acrylic on canvas By Marius Kavolis 

 Iolanta 100×60 oil on canvas 2018

 By Larisa Strunova – Lubke 

 Love is nearby 67×80 acrylic oil on canvas 

By Audrius Grazys


Jelly fishes 100×100 acrylic on canvas 

By Marius Kavolis