Virginijus Ruseckas

1963 born in Lithuania. Since 1989 participating in exhibitions.

Selected solo exhibitions:

1990 gallery “AL”  Kaunas, Lithuania

1995 gallery “Arka” Vilnius, Lithuania

1996” Čiurlionis” gallery Chikago

1998 gallery „Langas“ Kaunas, Lithuania

1999 gallery “Langas” Kaunas, Lithuania

2003 gallery “Rutos” Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 gallery “Rutos” Vilnius, Lithuania

2004 gallery “Egles” Kaunas, Lithuania

2005 Lithuanian ambasy in Estonia

2006 Lithuanian ambasy in Latvia

2008 gallery “Egles” Kaunas, Lithuania

2009 gallery ML Hamburg DE

Art Fairs:

2008 Affordable Art Fair in London

2008 Affordable Art Fair in Paris

2008 Affordable Art Fair in New York

2008 Art Ireland  Dublin

2008 Edinburgh Art Fair Scotland

2009 Art Fair Glasgow Scotland

2009 Chelsea Art Fair London

2010Affordable Art Fair in Brussels

2011 Newcastle Gateshead Art Fair

2011 Art Event Assen, NL

2012 Art International Groningen NL

2013 Affordable Art Fair Milano IT

2015 Affordable Art Fair Milano IT

2018 Art Groningen, NL

Virgis Ruseckas is an artist who matches the popular realism, mastery of expressive streamline and imitation of salon art.

He pays much attention to the background and the object composed in it… There is a lot of scrupulous surface formation, layers of paint, and rubbing as if the artist restores a fresco that was painted over five times. A painting scraped and polished for a long time, suddenly starts sparkling and expanding in bright colorful spots in an intense grayish background. The artist cares a lot about the pictorial surface- transparent and matted planes, aquarelle drips, the flats of objects and the background are glued by the coloring glue.