Among Lithuanian contemporary ceramists there are very few so well-known names as that of Nora Blaževièiûtë. She is one of those who formed the face of present–day ceramics and elevated its prestige participating in the most important exhibitions and symposia of applied arts in Lithuania and abroad. Nora‘s original spontaneous style and her witty perception of life (a rare quality in the medium of decorative art!) captures attention of spectators and critics alike.

The artist began her creative career at the time when Lithuania wittnessed the emergence of conceptual ceramics, paralell to international movements of that time. She not only actively joined the movement but also became one of its leaders, enriching Lithuanian ceramics with original images and expressive, spontaneous forms. Nora‘s ceramics serve all purposes – it preserves the features of the objects used and at the same time manifests itself as free, unrestricted art. The artist seems to assert that all the works created by human hand can find their application, and she finds a home for her ceramic sculptures in an exhibition hall, a shop window, a private or public interior.    

Woman with frog H30W27D24 ceramics £550

Poet H23W13D18 ceramics £390

Rabbit 32x17x15 ceramics £290

Poet H24W12D20 ceramics £390

Bird H32W18D30 ceramics £250

Cat H14W10D30 ceramics £150

Rabbit 32x17x15 ceramics SOLD

Crow H15W18D10 ceramics £150

Poet H30W15D20 ceramics £420 SOLD

Poet H24W12D20 ceramics £390 SOLD

Rabbit 32x17x15 ceramics SOLD

Poet H24W12D20 ceramics SOLD​

Man with the bird 42x38x22 ceramics £490​ SOLD

Culture 57x27x24 ceramics £690

Nature 58x28x24 ceramics £690 SOLD

Rabbit 32x17x15 ceramics £290 SOLD