Marius Kavolis (born 1987) – Lithuanian contemporary artist. Previously, he was free time painting businessman, now – living from his creativity rising and perspective young artist. Marius Kavolis from a small town by the sea in Lithuania after studies returns to his childhood home and creates paintings, that world become interested in. M. Kavolis studied fine art painting in Stasys Vainiūnas Art School of Palanga, but seriously he falls into painting after graduation, inspired by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Albert Oehlen and Sam Francis. In terms of coloring the influence was made by Jean Michel Basquiat, painting techniques – Gerhard Richter. Young artist’s creations – expressive, captivating abstraction, fixing, according to M.Kavolius, moments of energy and good mood. After big interest of foreign art dealers, M.Kavolis decides,that it is time to build foundation for his own solo exhibition.

In 2014 M.Kavolis presents his first solo exhibition in Lithuania – „12 ó“. The exhibition “12 .” – is 13 artist’s work, which best represents the young artist’s expression and identity, as well as the beginning of independent creativity path. After the explosive start, M.Kavolis exhibits in the prestigious contemporary art fair „Affordable Art Fair Milan“, Italy. The interest of Marius Kavolis name grows. In summer, 2015, he presents his autoportrait called „I am a colour“ in joint exhibition the most important art fair in Baltic countries ARTVILNIUS’15.

In 2015, M.Kavolis wins the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition at the International Arts Festival “Opean Sea”. M.Kavolis was the first contemporary artist to be sellected by festival curators, who had held exhibitions of most important masterpieces of European art before Rising ambitions of artist went along with experiments – Marius abandones standart 150×100 frames, he plays with

rhythm, techniques, colour, dimensions. In constrast with J.Pollock, who primaly gave titles to his paintings and than started numbering them to show „pure painting“ without bringing a subject matter, Marius started with numbers, changing it in to titles, unintentionally doing the psychological experiment of color association to every person.The great start made rising artist marketable not only among western art consumers – in 2015, M.Kavolius opens his solo exhibition in Moscow. Later, autumn 2015, he holds his solo exhibition in international contemporary art fair “Cosmoscow”, Moscow. Message about the young talented painter reached and the Middle East. Marius new admirers – clients from the United Arab Emirates. “The Middle East” – new painting series,desidned specially for Dubai.

In 2018 Marius Kavolis was reprezented at Affordable Art Fair Singapore by RadoArt Gallery.