The works of Larissa Strunova-Lübke need space. Not only because they are large canvasses, but also because of their strong colours and the intrinsic tension between contemplation and the ecstatic movement of her figures. They demand time and an alert eye. Only after the second or third look one can discover the colours and lines representing faces and fragmentary figures hidden from the observer at the first cursory glance.    

Red Venus 100x70 oil on canvas 2018 £3200

Triumph 80x60 oil on canvas 2018 £1900

Iolanta 100x60 oil on canvas 2018 £2750​

Passion 80x60 oil on canvas 2018 £1850

Gravity 60x40 oil on canvas 2015 £700

To be or not... 100x100 oil on canvas 2015 £3200​

To the first ray of sunshine 100x100 oil on canvas 2018 £3250​

Midsummer Night's Dream 70x100 oil on canvas 2015 £1950