Ala Khonikava.

In Belarus, her native country, she obtained the diploma of decorative art and textile design at the art academy. Ala has been living in the Netherlands for years, the land of beautiful, slightly sombre landscapes and happy smiling people. In her studio in Meppel she works on various art projects: landscapes, still lifes and portraits. Her style is impressionistic, lyrical and decorative. Especially the landscape plays a major role in her works: natural shapes and lines of trees, rhythm of reeds and branches, sharp color contrasts of sky and field, playing with light and shadow. Ala can become enraptured by simple things in nature, such as a leaf or a stone with a special pattern. Ala wants to use her work to give a color and structure-rich accent to an interior that brings atmosphere into the home. But the artwork also has to “touch”: you have to look around and show things that are unobtrusive, like the play of a ray of light on a cup of tea.