Apparent in Avetisyans work is the hand of sculptor, in the sense that it is possible to discern in each of his canvases the spirit of the game; a dialogue, a balance between emptiness and plenitude, matter and nothingness.

Luminous Dimension-I 95x90acrylic on canvas 2014 £3850

Evolving ConsciousnessI 120x110 oil on canvas 2004 £3600

Pole with Emotion 67x97 mixed techniques £3200

Secret Eye of Muse 95 x 95 acrylic on canvas 2017 SOLD

Rising Feeling II 95X110 oil on canvas 2014 £4250

Rising Feeling II 95X110 acrylic on canvas £3850

The Mystic Soul I 43x43 oil on canvas £1200

Sky of Life 95x120 acryl on canvas £3650